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Solutions for: Local Government

Forward looking local governments and/or their waste authorities who set (or endeavor to achieve) aggressive diversion mandates, support deconstruction and reuse programs and practices by providing their residents, businesses, institutions, (and internal government units) with creative solutions and resources for keeping good materials from ever entering the waste stream.


  • Simple Material Pick Up View more
    Call DRN for simple building material pick up opportunities and we’ll direct your donation inquiry to the most appropriate DRN partner venue, depending on your location, or recommend other organizations best suited to receive your in-kind donation. Call 888-545-8333.
  • Tenant Improvement (TI) View more
    As DRN's reuse network infrastructure expands, through deconstruction and charitable reuse, more opportunities than ever before exist to divert commercial grade building materials from our community landfills. DRN can assess and advise on your commercial reuse opportunities. Click here to find out more.
  • Charitable ReUse of Surplus Property View more
    Often, when businesses relocate or remodel their workspace, not only are fixed assets replaced (things like office doors and cabinetry), but many non-fixed assets (also known as surplus property) are also upgraded. DRN provides charitable reuse waste diversion solutions for corporate and institutional furniture and furnishings in compliment to its reuse programs for building materials.

BENEFITS (environmental & social)

Most property owners can achieve:

  • Decisive environmental savings through deconstruction
  • Significant financial savings over traditional demolition
  • Reduce waste and project costs