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Services: Residential

Finished materials are carefully removed & staged for Load-out
DRN transports salvaged assets for charitable reuse
Rough lumber inventories & transport complete on-site deconstruction activities


Take our Four Easy Assessment Steps. In less than a week you’ll know if our program meets your needs.

  1. On-site project review with DRN View more
    A DRN representative will review your project’s scope of work and timeline.
  2. Receive an estimate of your tax deduction View more
    A qualified independent appraiser will provide a free estimate of your materials’ fair market value.

    When the value of donated materials exceeds $5,000, the IRS requires an appraisal by a qualified appraiser.The appraiser will advise you whether an appraisal is necessary based on their estimate of your donated materials’ fair market value.

  3. Receive one or more quotes for deconstruction View more
    After an on-site assessment, contractors will submit a bid to you or your contractor, to facilitate your donation and the deconstruction process.
  4. Run the Numbers View more
    Use our “Run the Numbers” form, to determine if Deconstruction works for you. We recommend you always consult your personal accountant for advice on matters concerning your taxes.


So you’ve chosen to move forward with deconstruction. Now what?

  1. Pick your contractor. View more
    Choose your deconstruction contractor. We will connect you with one or more deconstruction contractors from our network.
  2. We inventory your home’s reusable materials View more
    DRN conducts its formal detailed inventory of your property’s reusable materials for donation.
  3. Deconstruction happens View more
    Items are carefully removed, staged and then distributed to other appropriate non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity and Corazon. After finished materials have been removed from project site, framing lumber is dismantled, unitized, and inventory prior to shipping.
  4. You receive an itemized inventory, a final appraisal, and the IRS tax form for your tax filing.