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Services: Deconstruction & Selective Salvage

Prepping electrical raceways for transport
Vintage French doors reclaimed for reuse
Deconstructing Napa retail center


DRN utilizes a network of licensed and insured C-21 demolition contractors to facilitate its turnkey deconstruction program. When donated to DRN, the salvaged materials often earn owners significant tax deductions.

Throughout deconstruction, DRN contractors collect all remaining recyclable materials, i.e., metals, green waste, concrete and scrap lumber, relegating only a small percentage of waste to the landfill.

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    DRN’s complete Deconstruction Solution is a turnkey service, facilitated by licensed contractors. All residential building materials and other personal property identified for donation are salvaged for reuse. With construction and demolition waste diversion optimization as a goal, all other non-reusable materials that can be recycled, will be, reducing the burden on public landfills. If your scope calls for a clean parcel to rough grade, that’s what you’ll get. Click here to find out more, or call us at 888-545-8333.
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    Whether your project’s scope calls for the subfloor and several walls to remain, or it’s a complete “gut-to-stud,” DRN will carefully reclaim all reusable building materials for donation. Additionally, to meet the goals of maximizing building material preservation and C&D waste diversion, your project’s recyclable items and debris will be taken to the right processing facility by your facilitating contractor. Click here to find out more, or call us at 888-545-8333.

Learn more about the nuts and bolts of the process by clicking here, or by calling one of our Deconstruction Specialists at 888-545-8333.

We’ll answer your questions and help determine whether the DRN program fits your needs and goals.

Commercial / Institutional

Responsible companies and institutions meeting LEED certification objectives and/or state and local green building standards, are turning to DRN to advance their reuse practices in this traditionally recycle-centric C&D diversion arena. Many are learning deconstruction and reuse is easy and affordable.

DRN always begins by identifying the goals of the company or organization and the reuse opportunities present in advance of any impending demolition or tenant improvement project. With this understanding, DRN will propose a flexible solution that’s integrated into your project’s time-line and budget and can be easily facilitated by professional contractors.

Though DRN does not usually advocate for full structural deconstruction of commercial structures, non-structural selective salvage opportunities can be many and impactful.

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    Whether you have a tenant improvement project or complete tear-down, DRN’s Deconstruction Solution is a turnkey service facilitated by licensed contractors. All reusable fixtures and equipment identified for salvage and reuse are carefully removed and prepared for distribution. With maximizing C&D landfill diversion as a goal, recyclables and debris are taken to approved processing facilities by your facilitating contractor, minimizing your project’s impact on the environment.

    Through DRN’s deconstruction and charitable reuse program, more opportunities than ever before exist to divert commercial grade building materials and facilities equipment from community landfills or going straight to a recycling facility. DRN can assess and advise you on commercial reuse opportunities. Click here to find out more, or call us at 877-433-4543.

For the step by step process for non-residential structures, click here, or call one of our Deconstruction Specialists to discuss your project at 877-433-4543.