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Services: Commercial & Institutional Surplus Property

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Companies, medical facilities and universities looking for waste diversion alternatives to meet LEED certification objectives and/or state and local green building standards, are turning to DRN to advance their reuse practices. Many are learning reuse is easy and affordable.

DRN always begins by identifying the goals of the company or organization and the reuse opportunities present in advance of any impending demolition or tenant improvement project. With this understanding, DRN will propose a flexible solution that’s integrated into your time-line and budget and can be easily facilitated by our team of professionals and will benefit those in need.

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    Often, when businesses relocate or remodel their workspace, not only are fixed assets replaced (things like office doors and cabinetry), but many non-fixed assets (also known as surplus property) are also upgraded. DRN provides charitable reuse waste diversion solutions for corporate and institutional furniture and furnishings in compliment to its reuse programs for building materials.

Each project is different. To speak with one of our reuse specialists about your project, call us at 877-433-4543.