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Lorenz Schilling

Lorenz Schilling

President/Co-Chairman of the Board
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Lorenz Schilling founded Deconstruction & Building Materials ReUse Network, Inc. (Deconstruction & ReUse Network), an environmental and humanitarian nonprofit, that supports California’s green building movement by advancing the general environmental principal of “reduce, reuse and recycle” within the construction and demolition (C&D) industries. As President, Schilling works with homeowners, building professionals, other non-profits and local government to create waste management solutions and to help implement deconstruction practices, as well as, likeminded businesses and organizations endeavoring to reuse.

Schilling, who has been developing deconstruction programs since 2001 in Los Angeles and Orange County, ran Southern California operations for The Reuse People from 2003 though 2007. He founded Deconstruction & ReUse Network to meet the need for user-friendly Deconstruction Solutions for homeowners and to increase the humanitarian benefits of building materials reuse. He recognized that people wanted what was best for the environment and community, but needed a streamlined process to help them navigate through the unfamiliar practice of deconstruction.

Schilling is committed to developing deconstruction programs that offer simple solutions for homeowners to dismantle and reuse their home’s valuable physical assets rather than disposing of them. On average, a 2,000 square foot home may yield as much as 85% in reusable materials. In addition to the environmental benefits, the programs also help homeowners achieve significant tax savings based on their donation’s appraised value.

Partnering with regional Habitat for Humanity affiliates allows valuable reclaimed materials, such as windows, doors and appliances, to be reused or resold in the community. The organization also works with Corazon, a ministry that build homes in Baja California, to donate rough framing lumber. Schilling has personally delivered truckloads of lumber to Corazon that will be used to rehabilitate homes near their organization’s community centers.

Schilling says his background in hospitality management and technical recruiting has been an asset in the non-profit world, giving him the patience to listen and respond more effectively to industry challenges. As the president of Deconstruction Network, Schilling understands his responsibility to educate and empower others about the need for waste reduction and building material reuse. He embraces his mission and feels confident his hard work will help cities throughout California, and beyond, empower community members to achieve municipal waste diversion goals, while leading to the mainstream acceptance of deconstruction.

Paula Wise

Paula Wise

Marketing & Production Manager/Co-Chairman of the Board
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Paula Wise has a diverse background in sales, marketing and sales management. She joined Deconstruction & ReUse Network, Inc. (DRN) in 2007 where she serves as Marketing and Production Manager and she is a Certified Green Building Professional (CGBP.)

Ms. Wise works closely with the organization’s public relations, marketing and civic outreach teams to increase awareness of deconstruction principles and DRN’s mission to reduce construction waste and facilitate reuse of building materials and salvage surplus in California.

Prior to joining DRN Ms. Wise spent thirteen years in the telecommunications and wireless communications industries. Post 9/11, she developed a disaster prevention/recovery seminar hosted by the Los Angeles/Orange County market, which was later adopted for use nationally by Focal Communications. While working for TelePacific Communications, Ms. Wise was the liaison between her employer and the Building Industry Association of Southern California. From 2006 to 2008, she was an active participant on the Orange County chapter’s new member committee. Ms. Wise’s extensive experience and entrepreneurial spirit is helping advance DRN’s awareness in California’s Green Building industry.

Cherie Gannon-Taylor

Napa/Sonoma Area Representative
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Cherie Gannon-Taylor has an extensive background in marketing and project management and is an avid supporter of ReUse. Most recently, Ms. Taylor spearheaded outreach for the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Santa Rosa.

In her role at DRN she will assist local property owners with deconstruction and ReUse solutions, as well as facilitate the ReUse of surplus materials for local businesses. Additionally, Ms. Taylor will develop and implement community outreach programs and oversee local marketing efforts to expand awareness for DRN and the ReUse industry at large.

Ms. Taylor has a Bachelor of Science / Art degree from the University of Colorado; is a former member of the American Society for Training and Development; and served on the Board for Santa Rosa Figure Skating Club for five years.


Carrie Coffey

Los Angeles Representative
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Carrie Coffey offers a unique perspective on remodeling, reuse and recycling from a woman’s point of view. She is a habitual remodeler with extensive do-it-yourself experience ranging from small projects to full-scale rebuilds with sub-contractors. In her role as DRN’s Los Angeles Representative, Carrie facilitates residential and commercial deconstruction projects to ensure property owners receive the best possible tax deductions for their donations and that valuable materials get a second life within the community.

Carrie holds a degree in Environmental Studies from UCLA and is a life-long recycler, truly believing in the old adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Prior to joining DRN, she was a regular contributor for remodelingadvice.com.


Kristiaan Vergel-de-Dios

South Bay Representative (SoCal)
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Kristiaan Vergel-De-Dios joins Deconstruction and ReUse network following several years of working in the construction industry. He has owned, operated and managed his own companies, which have focused on providing construction, property preservation and design services. As a business owner himself, Vergel-De-Dios has developed invaluable skills in project management and anticipating clients’ needs.

His experience on build sites has also helped him to realize the many benefits of deconstruction and critical need to advance the industry. As an agent for Deconstruction and ReUse Network, Vergel-De-Dios will be overseeing the growth of the organization in the Orange County region. In his new role he will be responsible for generating new business, facilitating project services for property owners and working with contractors, architects, nonprofits and policy makers to educate and advance deconstruction and reuse practices in the region.

Vergel-De-Dios has a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communications from Platt College in Newport Beach, CA.


Rudy Carrasco

South Bay Representative (NorCal)
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Rudy Carrasco grew up in the Bay Area gaining hands-on building experience early on, developing knowledge about construction materials on job sites with his contractor father. He honed the skills needed for coordinating jobs and managing employees through his work with a moving company.

Fate was on his side when he began talking to Paula Wise (marketing and production manager) on a job site, learning more about deconstruction. Coming from a humble background, Carrasco knows the powerful impact ReUse and repurposing can have on a family, and DRN’s mission deeply resonated with him. He is proud to have the opportunity to give back to the community and environment through his work with DRN.

In his role as project manager Carrasco will assist property owners with the coordination and planning of their projects, while networking with local organizations and municipalities to expand awareness of DRN’s services throughout the San Francisco area.


Jorge Román

International Representative
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Jorge Antonio Román Martinez joins DRN after five years as a team coordinator with Corazon. There, he was in charge of the planning, logistics, and implementation of both construction and massive volunteer projects. He oversaw company purchases, budgeting, and inventory control, and also worked closely with program beneficiaries to help troubleshoot any problems that arose throughout the process. Through the combination of his management experience, bilingual capabilities, and excellent people skills, Jorge enables DRN to understand our projects from the recipient’s point of view, helping us to navigate the challenges that may arise when receiving materials in large quantities.


Alfredo Morales

North & East Bay, San Francisco Representative
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Bio coming soon.

Lyndsy Czapla

Lyndsy Czapla

Orange County Area Representative
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Lyndsy Czapla joined Deconstruction & ReUse Network to help increase awareness for the organization in Southern California. She creates outreach campaigns and meets with city officials and policy makers on behalf of the organization.

She also contributes regularly to the Recycle Your House blog to help educate homeowners and building professionals on the importance of waste diversion and reuse in construction. Ms. Czapla holds a bachelors degree in political science from Purdue University and a masters degree in administrative leadership from the University of Oklahoma.

Angela Moore

Public Relations

Dan Madrid

North Bay Area Representative
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Coming soon


Stuart David Arkin

Stuart David Arkin

Board Member
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Stuart has extensive experience in the brick and mortar space including commercial real estate projects and transactions with private equity, developers and retailers worldwide including Alain Ducasse Enterprise, Sage Capital Global, Jamestown Properties, The Hard Rock Hotel and many others. He also has prodigious experience throughout the digital landscape, serving as advisor for award winning digital startups like atmospheir.com, windowLikr.com and accomplished digital firms such as cognition.com. His innovative abilities, commitment to research discipline and navigational skills produce highly lucrative results for clients and investors alike. He has a working knowledge of Japanese language and culture, Spanish and French. He is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in both the State of New York and California. He loves sailing, squash and outdoor activities.

Miranti Ojong

Miranti Ojong

Board Member
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Miranti Ojong has over ten years of business experience in a variety of industries including Commercial and Residential Real Estate; Green Lending; Hotel Asset Management and Real Estate; Hospitality Services and Construction. Ojong’s expertise in green business strategies and her previous work with Cal Green Lending has heightened the awareness of green building throughout the green building industry and community.

Ojong is also Founder and President of MIRANTI Real Estate, offering residential property investment, general contracting and construction management, and international hotel asset management and operational consulting. Her entrepreneurial endeavors don’t end there, she is also the co-founder of Vast Apps Inc, a video game company specializing in providing supplemental apps for the physical therapy and health industry.

After graduating from Cornell University with a Bachelors of Science in Hospitality Management and a concentration in Real Estate Development, Ojong went on to earn a Certificate in Construction Practices from San Diego State University. She always knew she wanted to be in construction and with a concentration in Real Estate Development under her belt she is now hard at work as a General Building Contractor building new construction estates and vineyard developments in Sonoma.

Ojong is a member of the Residential Green Building Advocacy Committee of the U.S. Green Building Council in San Francisco and she continues her alma mater support as President of the Cornell Hotel Society Chapter of Northern California. She currently resides in San Francisco.

Jason Scheurer

Jason Scheurer

Board Member
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Jason Scheurer has been in the construction business since 1983 and has extensive experience in all aspects of the industry. From his apprenticeship days as a framer, to a Field Project Manager for residential foreclosures (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac), Jason has become an industry leader. After working at various construction companies throughout Southern California, Jason formed his own remodeling company in 1995 and began working in the greater LA/OC areas as a Licensed General Contractor.

With many successful years as a Licensed General Contractor, and studying to become an Environmental Building Scientist, Jason had the opportunity to create a unique company (Living Green Homes Construction and Development, Inc.) to help grow the “Green Revolution” in the Orange County area. With this in mind, and his accomplishments within the building science arena, Jason has become one of the go-to Contractors in the energy efficiency and Green industry. Jason has the knowledge and expertise to build and remodel residences and buildings with important features including Comfort, Indoor Air Quality, Energy Efficiency, and Health/Safety, which he, in turn, shares with other green advocates, builders and consumers. He has educated, advised and provided services including whole house energy assessments, green products, and renewable energy.

Jason’s ability to secure more than twenty-five (25) different manufacturers and distributors to participate in a sponsorship program in his one-of-the-first of its kind all green homes in OC, called Project 319 – www.LivingGreenOn319.com, has set the stage for Living Green Homes to become a leader in Green Products and Technologies.

Project 319 has received media attention locally and regionally and will be among the first “Net Zero Energy Homes” built new in Orange County. Jason has worked hands on with city officials and building inspectors to expand innovative technologies, green products, and help introduce new building codes, to ensure that they have the most current information on the explosive “Green Building Revolution.”

As an advocate of green building practices, Jason’s goals are to inspire, motivate, and assist developers, investors, asset managers, homeowners, and the community to understand the importance of building and living green as regulatory and market forces shift the industry toward green built environments that are healthier, safer, more resource efficient and less polluting with better indoor air quality.

Matt Macko

Matt Macko

Board Member
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Through years of hands-on experience in the construction and development fields, Matt Macko came to appreciate firsthand the need for progress in green building. From the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business, Matt received degrees in economics and finance, as well as, an Entrepreneurial Certification. Meanwhile, he was the President of the University of Colorado’s Real Estate Council and the owner of two successful businesses. During schooling and as a post-graduate, he successfully built and managed one of the greenest residential projects in Connecticut.

Matt is now a LEED Accredited Professional, RESNET Energy Rater, Certified Green Building Professional and Certified Sustainable Building Advisor, as well as, Chair of the Bay Area LEED Users Group (BAyLUG), board member of the California Deconstruction & ReUse Network, active member of the Northern California Chapter of the USGBC and board member of the Emerging Green Builders Association. Through the various projects he’s managed, Matt personally encountered many of the challenges associated with sustainable development and has the experience, knowledge, and leadership to overcome new hurdles in future projects.

Matt recently returned from Washington D.C. where he co-wrote the new LEED 2009 exam. As a result, he regularly presents on the changes to LEED throughout Northern California.